We are a Company dedicated to the Sintering of Tungsten Carbide (Hard Metal) elements and special Cutting Tools, for industries such as auto parts, oil and mining, among others.

We attend clients from all over Argentina and export to Latin America. We provide advisement with specialized technical management and qualified personnel to solve the most demanding challenges.

We guarantee high quality products since our production processes are under the International Standard ISO 9001. Your satisfaction is our priority.


We work for the growth of our clients


We are specialists in the manufacture of all types of cutting tools and in the industrialization of hard metal.


Feria de Petróleo AOG

Karina Corradi, Socia Gerente de ANTARES S.R.L., participó en la FERIA DE PETRÓLEO AOG, llevada a cabo del 11 al 14 de septiembre del 2023 en el Predio Ferial de…
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