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Quickbooks desktop download 2021 update


If you already have QuickBooks Desktop and want to upgrade your product to a newer version, see Upgrade to a New Desktop version. Visit our product page. QuickBooks Desktop doqnload from too long ago aren’t available for download. Desjtop can’t ensure older software will run on newer systems. We don’t support or offer downloads for those products. In line with Intuit’s discontinuation plan for older products, discontinued products cannot be registered for the first time.

You can re-register discontinued products if they have been registered before quickbooks desktop download 2021 update are больше на странице reinstalled. You can contact us to get the validation codebut assisted support for discontinued products is no longer available.

Need to make changes or updates to your accounts or subscriptions? Visit the Account Management Page. QuickBooksHelp Intuit. Learn how to download QuickBooks Desktop. If you don’t know what version you use, see Not sure what version you use? Select Download. Questions about downloading How do I find my license and product downlad When you install QuickBooks, you’ll need to enter your license and product number. Don’t know them yet? To find your license and product number: Vesktop a downloaded quickbooks desktop download 2021 updatelook in the purchase confirmation email you received from Intuit.

If you haven’t previously registered your Dpwnload software and you still can’t find your license and product number, check out missing or illegible installation numbers. If you registered your QuickBooks software before, you can get help with your license number with our License Look Up Tool.

What if I just need to update my software? Why isn’t my version of QuickBooks Desktop available to download? Was this helpful? Dowlnoad No. You must quickbooks desktop download 2021 update in to vote, reply, or post. Sign in for the best experience Ask questions, get answers, and join our large community of QuickBooks users.


Quickbooks desktop download 2021 update. QuickBooks Download Desktop Pro, Accountant, Enterprise, Premier, POS, and MAC


I just want the standalone desktop version. Not the subscription version labeled ‘Plus’, not the online version. I spent over an hour yesterday being given the run around by customer support who kept pointing me at the subscription and the online versions. I’ve used QB , , , , Hi, Ads Suck. I appreciate the time for letting us know the results of the steps you’ve done.

I understand that you wanted to upgrade your QuickBooks to but the website is not working. I recommend you contacting our Customer Service Support to help you. Before that, you can check this link QuickBooks Pro if this is working, if not you can now contact our support team.

Here’s how:. I’ve also included this article that will help you on how to Download QuickBooks Pro Please let me know if you have additional questions in upgrading QuickBooks. I’m always here to help. They redesigned the website and we are unable to purchase the one time license of QBD directly.

Canadian version has been implementing this policy. Make sure they promised you to give the unregistered license and the activation code prior to placing your order. Contact us in private should you need any help. QB is really treating their loyal long time customers like absolute crap by trying to force them into a subscription model.

It really is horrible business practice. I actually was given the link to purchase about 3 months ago — but since have lost it. This did not solve the problem. Customer Service was a dead end rabbit hole where I wasted an hour of my life trying to get the CS rep to understand that I wanted the link for the non-PLUS version of the product. At one point they said that they had to buy it for me.

As they didn’t understand my question and kept insisting that the product was on the ‘product’ page — and it isn’t. They didn’t understand what the non-PLUS option was. I gave them the link to the download product page to show them that the product exists — and 10 minutes later they gave me back the same link telling me to download it and that they would buy it for me — but would not allow me to buy the product. This entire process should have been a no-brainer 90 second exercise.

Log into QB, find the product, buy it, download it. Instead it’s a now multi-hour run-around with NO solution other than to buy it from Amazon. Amazon does provide the license key — if you buy the CD – it comes with the product, if you buy the download version the license key is listed in your downloads section. You would think I would have someone to talk to who could help. I tried that Live Chat option.

Why call it an «upgrade» if the cost is the same to buy it new. No returning customer loyalty reward??? They routed me repeatedly to Online version or I don’t want to rent my software. I don’t want to house it online and risk it being hacked.

Don’t even get me started on the joys of my Cox internet crashing with everyone working from home. The last few times I’ve updated my software I’ve been allowed 30 days to ask questions before issues have gotten me a «if you didn’t pay for a support contract, we can’t speak to you without buying a contract. You won’t support your own product when it doesn’t work? I still have 4 merchant service accounts tied to the wrong emails because the person setting it up mixed them up.

They know that they have you and they don’t care. They know what a pain it will be to switch. They are making it more attractive for me to look around. I won’t do online or an annual subscription. Intuit needs to know that we don’t appreciate their timing. Right after I committed to purchasing my ProSeries in 4th Quarter of they announced that it wouldn’t work on my Windows 7Pro desktop. Bought a Windows 10 laptop. Now in the middle of tax season and after they charged for annual enhanced payroll subscription in December they drop the QuickBooks upgrade on us with just a couple weeks after tax season ends to get that done.

I understand that technology needs to be upgraded. I cannot plan for last minute changes which they obviously knew they were going to do months ago. Make sure they committed to provide the unregistered license and the activation code.

Otherwise contact us in private. I am very unhappy with Intuit right now. I use Quickbooks desktop pro standalone, and was planning on upgrading it in May of When I run it, it now just started telling me that service will end on May 31, Since I use the stand alone version, they should have sent me a similar notification that they were switching to a subscription based model and I had until December 10, to purchase the standalone version.

I occasionally use an accountant, otherwise, I would switch to another software package because of these sneaky tactics. Plus the reasons intuit give for switching to a service are bogus. Every reason they state are things they have been offering all along or should offer for the high price we pay. Access to the latest version, with the most up-to-date features, security patches, and support for 3rd party operating system changes.

I use an 8 core ryzen 7 x, Windows 10 Pro, so everything runs fast on this computer. Unlimited customer support and data recovery at no additional charge. Premium time saving and money management features. Increased productivity with the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app. Don’t use the mobile app. Please note that clients on older bit computers will not be able to use the version, which requires a bit compatible Windows operating system. Check here for more information on how to check for compatibility for your Plus and Enterprise customers.

If you are running a company, you should be using a 64 bit machine these days. Tough times for a small business owner dealing with rising shipping costs, ridiculous taxes, competition from places like Amazon and their free shipping, and software companies such as intuit switching to subscription based software in order to increase their profits, instead of doing what is best for their customer.

Unfortunately the program will expire in I am now committed to find another accounting software program. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. All developers offer cloud-based accounting apps now and you can purchase a third-party conversion service if needed. I went through Hell trying to get just the desktop version without subscription of the Desktop Pro Totally agree with you!

I dont even use none of there products except customers, vendors and banking.. They told me desktop premier is good, bought it sucks. Been using QB since My plan was to delay having to switch accounting software programs for 2 ys.

So, I’m gonna just go ahead and find a better accounting software program now. Please let me know if you find a better accounting system. Contact us in private for details. By clicking «Continue», you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead. Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank. Turn on suggestions.

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Downloads & Updates Search and download your QuickBooks versions and download your purchased product versions by signing into your Intuit account*. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop. · Go to the Update Now tab. · Select Get Updates to start the download. · When the download finishes.